Tahitian Pearl & Turquoise Pendant Leather Necklace

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When I found these gorgeous turquoise pendants I knew the exact design I had in mind for them!! With the rich all natural turquoise colour and unique detail for each they had to be paired with an authentic and natural smoky Tahitian pearl for a bold organic look with the leather. These necklaces measure just over 24 inches with a sterling silver lobster clasp and fringe at the ends to keep or clip off if you prefer. please let me know if you would prefer a shorter length and I would be happy to adjust this for you.
I have two of these necklaces available as shown in the pictures that include different angles of the pearl and turquoise to see the natural embellishments of each. Each Tahitian Pearl is the natural true colour and measures approximately 12mm. The turquoise pendant is all natural without any treatment and measures approximately 26x9 mm. Necklace A. is on a dark chocolate leather lace and Necklace B. is on black leather lace. I chose the leather colour that compliments the natural shades of the gems. Select your favourite!
This beachy vibe necklace is for him or her and a super cute addition for your laying style and definitely a stunning piece all on its own!

Pearls are found in many forms shapes and grades and can be worth a very wide range in value and this will reflect in their price. As my absolute favourite gem, I find them beautiful in every form and each pearl unique and carefully selected in all my designs. Enjoy your gems!

đź–¤Tahitian pearls are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia and formed from the black lip Oyster. This large oyster produces a larger than average pearl which also makes the Tahitian pearl treasured. These pearls range from white to black with undertones of blue, silver, green, yellow, and pink. The darker the pearl is considered the most unique and valuable and true black being extremely rare.

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