Tahitian Keshi Pearl Silver Adjustable Bracelet

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

These Tahitian Keshi pearls were quite the treasures to find in this large size and even more so to find a few in the darker colours. These lovelies have a beautiful and very shiny nacre with the peacock iridescence throughout the surface. For the bracelet I used a sterling silver box chain with an adjustable silver bead for a comfortable fit.

Pearl No 1. Has a smoky peacock colour and measures appropriately 15mm x 13mm and 8.5mm thick.

Pearl No 2. Has a gorgeous varying colour with a silver, smoky peacock mix and measures appropriately 15mm x 15.5mm and 8mm thick

đź–¤Tahitian pearls are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia and formed from the black lip Oyster. This large oyster produces a larger than average pearl which also makes the Tahitian pearl treasured. These pearls range from white to black with undertones of blue, silver, green, yellow, and

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