South Sea Gold Pearl Necklace

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

I love this soft golden pearl with it’s subtle drop shape and shimmering nacre! This pearl measures appropriately 14 mm from the top of the pearl in length and approximately 13 mm wide. I included several pictures of the exact pearl that you will receive with a variety of angles to view the natural embellishments of this pretty pearl. I used a 14kt gold fill dainty ball style chain that measures 18 inches to the first loop and 20 inches to the last loop.

💛Large and luxurious the South Sea pearls are among the largest and most valuable of pearls today. With the limitations for the areas in which these pearls are cultured and with the longer growth periods, there are fewer South Sea pearl farms, making these the rarest of pearls.
Golden South Sea pearls are produced by the the “gold-lip” variety of the Pinctada maxima, South Sea saltwater oyster. These pearls range is colors from a creamy white, soft champagne colours, to a deep gold with the deeper the golden colour, the more valuable the pearl.

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