Gemscape Oval Dangle Earrings

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize


These gemscape Oval hoops, feature layers of all natural gemstones in a display of colours, reminding me of warm beach sand, sunshine and sea breeze!
Each set of earrings are hand crafted with 12kt gold filled wire with a hammered finish and measure 2 inches from the top of the hook in length and just under 1/2 inch in width. 
I used all genuine and natural sparkly gemstones that range in sizes from 2 to 3 mm along with dainty 14kt gold fill 2mm beads. 
Choose your gemscape …

Sea Breeze-blue turquoise, light blue apatite, flashy moonstone and clear topaz

Sandy Beach-peachy moonstone, flashy white moonstone, gold fleck quartz, clear topaz 

Starry Sky - blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, black spinel, pyrite 

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