Knotty Pearls on Leather

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

This listing is for one bracelet very similar as shown in these photos. I used a blend of peacock, cream and light grey, 10-12mm off-round freshwater pearls hand knotted on soft chocolate leather with a single pearl toggle style closure and extra knots to adjust or clip off.
This bracelet is a great addition when going for the stacked Boho look and simply stunning all on it's own!
MADE YA WANNA wear pearls!!

* Measures approximately 7 1/2" from pearl closure to first knot, which can be adjusted, and will fit wrist sizes 6" to  8 1/2" inches comfortably. Please message me if you would like another size or quantity and I would be happy to make these for you:)

**Pearls are an organic gem and require a bit of TLC.  Please remove them before swimming or applying lotions, fragrance or hairspray and while they aren't being worn please keep them in a soft cloth to protect the finish. They are also at risk of being scratched when worn with watches or other metal jewelry so please keep this in mind when choosing your stacked bracelet look.
Pearls are found in many forms shapes and grades and can be worth a very wide range in value and this will reflect in their price. As my absolute favourite gem, I find them beautiful in every form and each pearl unique and carefully selected in all my designs. Enjoy your gems!

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