Herkimer Diamond Crystal & Silver Adjustable Bracelet

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize


A favourite bracelet to accessorize any casual or dressy occasion, to wear alone or a great addition to the dainty layering style!  
This bracelet is especially versatile with a simply elegant design in sterling silver and a gorgeous authentic Herkimer diamond crystal gemstone focal.  The classic cable style chain can easily slip over the wrist and adjusts with the  sterling silver sliding bead.

*The Herkimer Quartz is the hardest of quartz crystals giving them strength and durability. They stand out with their magnificent clarity and brilliance! A stone of connection and said to link people together who have to be apart

*Herkimer diamonds are naturally forming crystals with outstanding clear clarity giving them their diamond like appearance.  These  naturally faceted crystals have double terminated points with 18 facets, 6 around each point and 6 around the centre.  They were discovered in The late 18th century and only  the crystals mined in Herkimer county, New York, can be called Herkimer Diamonds.

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