Herkimer Diamond Crystal Hoop Earrings

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

A handful of sparkle with authentic Herkimer Diamond crystals and 14kt gold fill dainty beads cascading along these lovely lux hoops. The Herkimer diamonds range in sizes from 4mm to approximately 10mm with the hoops measuring approximately 1.5 inches.
Gold fill will wear as solid gold would wear and should not be confused with gold plated which does not last. These beauties will last as long as you love them!!

đź’›Herkimer diamonds are naturally forming crystals with outstanding clear clarity giving them their diamond like appearance. These naturally faceted crystals have double terminated points with 18 facets, 6 around each point and 6 around the centre. They were discovered in The late 18th century and only the crystals mined in Herkimer county, New York, can be called Herkimer Diamonds.

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