Flower Pendant & Pearl Necklace

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize


I love the combination of this stunning piece with the shimmery pearls, dainty sterling silver beads and unique fine silver flower pendant! These genuine baroque rice shape pearls have a lovely nacre and measure around 3.5 X 4.5mm. The sterling silver dainty beads space evenly along the strand which compliments the natural ringed embellished pearls, giving this necklace a vintage feel. The flower pendant is 99% fine silver from the Hill Tribe in Thailand with a unique handmade antique finish that completes this necklace perfectly! The flower pendant measures approximately 14mm and the length of the necklace, is your choice, from 16mm to 20mm.  The necklace is made at the 20mm length and will be adjusted at your request in the messages upon ordering:)

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