Gold Wrap Ring

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize


This darling ring wraps five times with each ring unique in the layers as it twists, curves and with its hammered finish.  A very comfortable ring to wear with a bit of a spring to ease for busy hands. 

This ring makes the perfect addition to your ring collection and a lovey statement all on its own! Each ring layer will measure approximately 2mm in thickness with the band width approximately 20mm.

*These rings are custom made on ordering so please allow 3-7 days before shipping.  Sometimes I have the more common sizes on hand and ready to ship sooner.  

*RING SIZE- If the size you would like isn’t lisplease message me and I can easily make the size you wish.

**Because these are custom made on ordering it is really important that you measure the exact size you would like.  I am able to re-size the rings for $15 each and you will be responsible for the shipping cost both ways, I do require a tracking number for shipping.  

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