Sunshine Gemstone Necklace

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

A handful of sunshiny, all natural, gorgeous colourful gemstones in this lovely include citrine, garnet, pink tourmaline, carnelian, apatite, and amethyst. The gemstone beads measure approximately 2.5 and 3mm with a faceted sparkling finish. I added a pretty little keshi pearl in your choice as either a dangle pendant or nested at centre along the strand. The clasp and gold components are 14kt gold filled which means that this will wear as solid gold would without ever flaking off.

šŸŒ¼Available in your choice of lengths, this necklace makes a perfect addition to layer with any of your favourite necklaces and a super cute necklace all on itā€™s own. I added an extra 1 inch extension chain for comfort and adjusting.

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