Shungite and Sandalwood Necklace

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

A perfect piece for men or women who love natural, rich and earthy qualities in their jewelry!
This is all natural aromatic sandalwood 3 mm beads that I have hand knotted in sections throughout the strand with sturdy black nylon cord to add security and a subtle hint of black along the necklace. The pendant is authentic shungite measuring 2 inches in length and a 7mm width with a 6 sided hexagonal shape and faceted point.
With the sterling silver clasp closure this necklace measures just over 27 inches.

đź–¤Shungite is a carbon rich stone with a very unique composition making it a popular stone for cleansing, purification, and eliminating anything harmful to the body. Shungite contains fullerenes with a hollow and spherical molecule structure of 60 carbon atoms and also can consist of nearly all of the minerals on the periodic table. How cool is that?!
Some say that shungite is a stone that kills bacteria and viruses, purifies water, relieves stress, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

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