Gold Bead Necklace

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize


Simple elegance with this classy, necklace and designed for the perfect piece in anyone’s collection to wear for either casual or dressy occasions.  With so many layering options and possibilities this will be your staple and go-to necklace!
This necklace is all 14kt gold fill 3mm and 2mm beads alternating throughout the strand and in your choice of length.

*Gold filled, rather than gold plated, will wear for many, many years as solid gold would.  It will stay gold and will never flake or peel.  Gold filled will last because it has 100 times more gold than gold plated and the gold is fused in a completely different process rather than just a thin layer that plated jewelry has.  Gold filled jewelry cleans as you would with solid gold.   Always be aware of any gemstone that you might be cleaning with your jewelry because many gemstones can be damaged with jewelry cleaning products or the with the process.  With pearls, many jewelry cleaning products can damage the nacre. 

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