Shungite is such a unique and interesting stone to have.  The more I read about it the more fascinating I find with its history and qualities!  

I used 6mm shiny black shungite beads strung on sturdy nylon cord with macrame braided closer for an adjustable and comfortable fit. The buhda focal bead is 925 sterling silver with a rustic oxidized finish, This bracelet measures 7.5 inches and up. 

🖤Shungite is a carbon rich stone with a very unique composition making it a popular stone for cleansing, purification, and eliminating anything harmful to the body. Shungite contains fullerenes with a hollow and spherical molecule structure of 60 carbon atoms and also can consist of nearly all of the minerals on the periodic table. How cool is that?!
Some say that shungite is a stone that kills bacteria and viruses, purifies water, relieves stress, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

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