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Agate Horn & Bronzite Necklace

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize

This wonderful mix of gemstones came together as one of my favourites with peaceful bronzite, silver hematite accent beads and a calming agate horn pendant.
I used sturdy black nylon cord to string the beads and knotted securely between every few beads along the strand. The silver hematite beads compliment the horn pendant and I added a leather for the finishing touch! This necklace measures approximately 32.5 inches in length with a sterling silver lobster style clasp closure.

•Bronzite is a very versatile stone that has many wonderful attributes including healing, grounding, protection, balance, strength and creativity. It is a stone that increases self esteem, promoting decision making and a calming stone that is said to help in stressful situations. Bronzite is a stone that resonates with all the chakras and especially the sacral and base chakra.

•Agate is a calming and gentle stone with a light energy. Agate stabilizes the aura bringing balance and harmonizing the body mind and spirit.

•Hematite is a stone that is said to be connected to the root chakra to balance and align, helping one feel centred and secure.

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