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Tahitian Keshi Pearl and Gold Bracelet

Made Ya Wanna Accessorize


A perfect dainty pearl and gold bracelet to wear on any occasion as a layered style or all an it’s own for the perfect touch!  I used all genuine Tahitian keshi pearls with 14kt gold fill 2mm beads. These pretty pearls have a lovely shimmery  nacre with a smooth nugget shape and measure around 5mm. This bracelet measures approximately 7.25 mm from clasp to loop with a 1 inch extension chain, pearl dangle and my signature MadeYaWanna stamped charm!

🖤Tahitian pearls are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia and formed from the black lip Oyster. This large oyster produces a larger than average pearl which also makes the Tahitian pearl treasured. These pearls range from white to black with undertones of blue, silver, green, yellow, and pink. The darker the pearl is considered the most unique and valuable and true black being extremely rare.

Made Ya Wanna wear pearls!

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